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You can become an even more solid buyer than a pre-approved buyer. Here’s how.

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Better Than Preapproved? Introducing: Prapproved Plus

Brian McKim of House America Financial joins me today to talk about how he can help buyers submit a solid, well-backed offer. Instead of just being pre-approved, buyers can now become “pre-approved plus”.

Brian says that in our competitive market where properties are receiving five, 10, or even 15 offers, it’s important that you try to be as strong as possible with your approval.

What is “Preapproved Plus”?

Previously, House America Financial was able to pre-approve buyers the same day. Now, though, Brian says they can do even more: a full underwriting approval upfront. They can send the entire file to an underwriter to get you fully approved before you even make your offer.

This is a big deal to sellers. Preapproval shows that you’ve got the finances to back your offer. Preapproval plus tells sellers there won’t be any financial snags on the road to the close.

Preapproval Plus is a Bargaining Chip

Being “preapproved plus” puts you in a really strong position to be aggressive with your offer and shorten your contingency periods. Many buyers are already using this tactic to get their offer approved.

This might very well become the new “preapproved”!

Buying in LA?

Are you thinking of buying a home in LA? We’re here to help you compete in this aggressive seller’s market! If you have any questions about becoming a stronger buyer, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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