Have You Tried LA’s Hottest New Restaurants of 2019?

LA is a city known for a lot of different things: The heart of America’s film industry. Home to the rich and famous. A land of arts, culture, and glamorous nightlife. But what we really are, at the bottom of it all, is a place of people—from all walks of life and all corners of the world. And there’s no better expression of people, of the essence of culture, than food. So at its core, LA really is a foodie city.

Want to experience this foodie city to its fullest? Here are seven hot new LA restaurants you don’t want to miss.

Tacos 1986


tacos from one of la's top restaurants

It was once an on-the-move taco stand with no permanent location, but now it’s got a home in Downtown LA! Tacos 1986 features ultra-fresh Tijuana-style tacos in beef, chicken, adobada, and even mushroom. Be prepared to take your tacos and move on, though; this eatery is standing room only.


Echo Park

having sake at a hot la restaurant

This Japanese restaurant is the sister of neighboring Tsubaki—with a focus on sake and snacks. There’s a chicken katsu sandwich, crudo, radicchio salad, okonomiyaki… and a nice list of sake options.


Echo Park

having salad at a hot new la restaurant

Another Echo Park favorite, Adamae is a new restaurant with a vintage 1970s feel. Its food is both traditional Mediterranean and modern Californian, with an emphasis on fresh and healthy flavors.

Bon Temps


lamb ribeye at bon temps

The day starts off in this multi-story restaurant with roasted coffee and warm French pastries and closes with a refined dinner of European favorites like lamb ribeye. In the heart of Downtown LA, Bon Temps also features a raw bar and robust cocktail menu.


Beverly Grove

enjoying delicious seafood at angler

A transplant from San Francisco, Angler is all about serving up the freshest, the most creative, and the best seafood in town. Chef Josha Skenes once owned a restaurant on the World’s Best 50 restaurant list… and it shows.



oysters and fresh food at auburn

The ambiance of Auburn is almost as fresh and exquisite as its fare! Minimalist decor, an open ceiling, and plenty of greenery give this new eatery a casual, sunny vibe, and its menu is both creative and simple. Diners pick from twelve courses—nine savory and three sweet—and have options for wine pairings, too.

Kassi Club

Beverly Grove

enjoying authentic greek food

This stupendous Greek/Mediterranean restaurant is all about modern elegance. Once Goldie’s, Kassi Club now features luxuriant modern decor and an impressively authentic menu.

Ready to Come Have Some Fun in LA?

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