Los Angeles Winter Activities You Won’t Find Elsewhere

While the rest of the country huddles inside away from the cold and snow, we Los Angelenos are out and about enjoying beautiful weather and plenty of sunshine. We certainly don’t have traditional winters, and we love it! Celebrate with these Los Angeles winter activities you just won’t find anywhere else.

Scenic beach strolling

walking the beach in winter

It might not be ideal weather for sitting out and getting a suntan, but it’s perfect for strolling white-sand beaches free of tourists and visitors (and even some locals). Feel the sand between your toes, catch a sunset, and maybe even grab dinner at a beachside restaurant.

Hiking with an epic view

hiking in winter

LA summers are dry, but definitely hot, which makes for some sweaty hiking. Plus, a lot of the trails in the LA area can get pretty crowded during the spring and summer. Two scores for winter hiking—cool weather and empty trails. And one more big win: clear skies make for amazing views! So lace up your boots and get hiking.

Dining in style at dineL.A.

authentic mexican food

It’s that time of year… LA Restaurant Week is back! And that means deals and special courses at some of the best restaurants in the city. The cheap eats and unique menus last through January 31, so time is running out.

Disney & Universal sans crowds

aerial shot of disneyland

If you’re looking for a not-oversaturated-with-tourists Disneyland experience, now’s the time. While world-famous resorts like Disney and Universal will pretty much always be busy, they do still have their off seasons. Try a winter weekday to really see the crowds at a minimum. (Note: “minimum” for Disney is still pretty crowded. It’s just not completely mobbed).

Gorgeous park hangouts

echo park in la

Don’t leave the city. Don’t even leave your neighborhood. If you can, don’t even get in the car. Just head over to the closest park and take a stroll. Admire the still-green leaves and plants. Bask in the sunshine. Take some time to just appreciate what an amazing city we get to call home.

A short drive to winter fun

snow skiing near la

If you’re really missing snow and winter sports, the good news is that LA is not Hawaii; you’re just two hours from some pretty decent ski resorts and mountains, like Mountain High or Snow Valley. You could even be riding the ski lift up Mt. Baldy within an hour’s drive. If you’re willing to travel a little farther, you’ll find some truly epic Western skiing—like Mammoth Mountain.

Ready to Come Have Some Fun in LA?

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