5 Reasons You Should to Move to Los Angeles

Trying to find the perfect place to live can be tough! Plus there’s a lot of conflicting information out there—best places to live, best cities to buy a home, top metros for millennials—and everything’s saying something different! So how do you know what’s right for you? Here are five reasons you should choose to move to Los Angeles.

You love temperate weather.

green los angeles

If you hate snow, ice, and cold more than anything, then SoCal should immediately be on your radar. To say LA weather is perfect is only a slight exaggeration; we get a lot of sunny-and-75 days around here!

Summers can get hot on occasion, but we benefit from a nice dry heat, and it definitely doesn’t have the roasting power of places like Phoenix.

You appreciate other cultures.

cultures in los angeles

LA is a melting pot. We’ve got people from all over the world and all walks of life. And that means a lot of uniqueness—faces, languages, foods, arts, celebrations, holidays… if you want to experience the world without ever leaving home, LA’s a great place to do it.

With these varied cultures come varied neighborhoods and communities within the greater city. Some might be defined by culture of origin (think: Chinatown), while others might boast an ultra-posh modern vibe or a friendly down-to-earth spirit.

You’re definitely a foodie.

delicious asian food

With a lot of culture comes a lot of food. Good food. Unique food. Yes, our Mexican food is pretty legendary, but we’ve got food from every continent, and it’s all something special. Food trucks are also pretty big here, and there’s always some new restaurant popping up around the corner.

You love the arts.

painting in los angeles

Los Angeles isn’t just the city of Hollywood and film studios; we’ve got all kinds of art, entertainment, and performance. Paintings, sculptures, photography, singing, dancing, theatre, galleries, studios, museums… we’ve got it all, and it’s a scene you’re just not going to find anywhere else in the world, even Manhattan.

You appreciate the highs and lows of big-city living.

los angeles skyline

Does LA have its downsides? Of course. Traffic is often monstrous, prices are notorious, and picking the right neighborhood is crucial. Is it for everyone? Certainly not. But with the downsides come a host of amazing upsides—biking to work in the middle of winter, that amazing Korean restaurant down the street, the mountain views from your backyard. If you learn to love those highs, you’ll learn to overlook the lows, too.

Ready to Move to Los Angeles?

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