5 Unique LA Neighborhoods You Don’t Want to Miss

Picking the right place to live in Los Angeles is a pretty important decision—your neighborhood is likely where you’ll spend a lot of time, where you’ll make friends, and where you’ll find a place within the larger community. But how do you know which one is right? You might start by exploring some of the best!

Top LA Neighborhoods to Check Out

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and vibrant place to call home, start your search with one of these top LA neighborhoods.

Echo Park

echo park lake

Where it is: North of Downtown, between the 101 and the 110.

What makes it unique: Echo Park has a fun, hipster vibe, thanks to its plethora of stores, restaurants, bars, and other fun hangouts. People are easygoing and prices are still relatively affordable.

Median home value: $536,364


shopping in top LA neighborhoods

Where it is: Northeast of Echo Park along the 5.

What makes it unique: The up-and-coming Frogtown sits along the LA river and is blossoming with new developments, like coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants. It’s small, too, which makes it very walk- and bike-able.

Median home value: $558,522

Highland Park

friends eating in LA neighborhoods

Where it’s located: Northeast of Montecito Heights along the 110.

What makes it unique: Trendy, upbeat, exciting, diverse, bohemian, and highly walkable, Highland Park is a truly unique community that perfectly blends quiet residential living with the hustle-and-bustle of big city amenities and attractions.

Median home value: $533,619

Silver Lake

friends in LA neighborhoods

Where it’s located: North of Echo Park between the 101 and the 5

What makes it unique: Undeniably trendy, Silver Lake is filled with unique restaurants, cafes, and other chic hangouts. And Silver Lake Reservoir is a favorite place for jogging, dog-walking, and romantic walks.

Median home value: $736,334

Los Feliz

griffith park overlooking LA neighborhoods

Where it’s located: North of East Hollywood and Little Armenia, just south of Griffith Park.

What makes it unique: With two bustling commercial avenues, Los Feliz offers plenty of places to hang out and have fun, and you can’t beat Griffith Park for amazing views and unbeatable outdoor recreation.

Median home value: $768,590

Ready to Find Home in a Top LA Neighborhood?

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