Connect with Others Virtually While Social Distancing

Twenty years ago, the idea of being able to turn on your computer or pick up your phone to casually “video chat” with friends and family might’ve seemed a bit far-fetched. But today, it’s quickly becoming a normal part of work, business, and even everyday life. Thanks to the current health crisis, the ways in which we virtually connect with others is getting pretty inventive!

Some Creative Ways to Connect with Others Virtually

Social distancing, workplace closures, and restrictive business orders have driven many of us into our homes, and frankly, all that home time can be a little isolating! If you’re looking for some fun ways to beat cabin fever, try connecting—virtually.

Here are some creative ideas.

Host a virtual happy hour

connecting with others virtually over happy hour

Miss going out with friends? Why not stay in… with friends? Try a free video chat, like Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, invite your friends, and kick back for some drinks, some laughs, and some (homemade) half-price apps.

Want to meet some new folks? You can join a publicly hosted happy hour at your favorite local bar, restaurant… or anywhere in the world.

Have a dinner night

cooking and connecting virtually

Cooking together can be fun, even if you’re not technically together. If you can’t cook in the same kitchen, try working on the same meal in two separate kitchens over video chat. Or, if you’re tired of cooking, enjoy some takeout while catching up over a video call.

Watch a movie together

connecting virtually with others using netflix

Netflix wants to help friends and families stay connected! Netflix Party, a new Chrome browser extension, allows people in different locations to chat while watching the same movie at the same time on two separate screens.

Plan a game night

monopoly game board

There are a few ways to do this: in real time (with a video chat) or in a more online/turn-based setting (like traditional online gaming). For a more in-person “game night” experience, connect with a video chat and use a screen-sharing online game, like Jackbox, or even an actual board game, like Scattergories or Pictionary, to get some laughs going.

Use a group messenger or text

connecting with others virtually through text

Video chats might be fun, but for larger groups, they can be a little hard to schedule, particularly if some attendees live in different time zones. Instead, try a group messenger or text chat to check in, send pictures, and stay connected when it’s convenient. This is particularly great for keeping in touch with friends or family from far away.

Looking for More Virtual Ideas?

Did you know that buying and selling homes can be done virtually, too? Social distancing guidelines have driven buyers and sellers alike to the internet to tackle real estate, and agents have responded by crafting innovative new ways to showcase, market, and tour homes. Want to learn more? We’re only a phone call away!

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